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Timber Frame Buildings

What is Timber Frame?

A Timber Frame home has its inner shell constructed from timber.  This shows how a timber frame build differs from a traditional build.  The wall panels, flooring and roofing are fixed to a timber frame to provide a sturdy structure, around which, the external walls are built.


The diagram below illustrates a cross-section of a wall in a typical timber frame home:

RS421211_shutterstock_132431690 timber1 timber 3

Benefits of Timber Frame


Reduced Construction Costs

Using Timber Frames systems can reduce overall program costs by up to 10% of the usual  total build cost. Using traditional brick and block methods


Reduced Build Time

Reduces the time required to complete the internal shell by up to 50% compared to traditional brick and block methods of construction.


Greater Cost Control

Offsite manufacture or on site manufacture combined with on-site erection enables greater cost certainty enabling fixed price projects.


Increased Control Of Build Schedule

Our timber frame system can be erected in virtually all weathers and temperatures thereby providing great time control and certainty. This is especially important on time critical projects but also provides significant benefits when scheduling other trades when time is less of a factor.


Quality and Precision

Timber Frames provide a high quality, defect free internal shell that meets the highest of customer expectations.


Thermal and Acoustic Performance

Timber Frames meet all thermal and acoustic requirements, outperforming traditional brick and block in almost every area.


Environmentally Friendly

All of our wood comes from managed forests and timber frame construction has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material.

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